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Yikes. That presentation could have gone better...

I help people become better speakers and negotiators. I present classes and workshops at businesses like yours. It's fun getting the emails describing the big victory from the techniques learned in class.

You will soon be creating engaging presentations in less time and delivering each presentation with more confidence and professionalism.

You don't have to be a graphic designer or a brilliant story-teller to get your point across. You will be more persuasive by using professional, not flashy techniques.

Find the Perfect Fit for You:

There will be an end to reading slides. No walls of text to project. No more flat finishes. No dancing baloney either. You can look around this website or just call and speak with me personally.

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Tell me about your situation and I'll answer all of your questions. Easy. If I'm teaching, I'll call you right back when I get a break, usually within a couple hours.


Executive Presentation Training Workshops & Classes

Presentation and Speaking Instructor, Chris Reich of TeachUPresentation

"I love the excitement when groups see the possibilities from the new things they learn."

Our Clients Say...

"...we had very high expectations and you exceeded them. Great course"

"Our people are all highly educated making it difficult to find a training program at their level. You impressed them all!"

"Your section on Game Theory was very eye-opening. We were leaving too much on the table and walking away with too little. The entire team is now more capable at negotiation..."

"This was the best training we have hosted. The reviews are great.  I hope we can get you back again when there is money in the budget."

"The workshop was great. Our sales team is fired up. Hopefully we will see it reflected in new sales."

"You blew them away. We had no idea how much we could learn from a presentation class."

"Everyone was happy with the class. The whole group gave very positive comments."

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There is NO RISK. I give the Best Guarantee Possible:
Pay AFTER class and only if you are satisfied. No deposits. No pre-payment.

TeachUPresentation’s Chris Reich offers advanced presentation training